Billy Elliot Scavenger Hunt

Find 8 of 11 Billy Elliot inspired props in the businesses of downtown Stratford for a chance to win Gift Certificates to spend in the Stratford City Centre.


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1. Billy trades his boxing shoes for a pair of these.
The Wee Little Book and Photo Shop
15 York Street

2. A neighbourhood fundraiser and Billy's mother's jewelry helped to pay for these.
Fundamentals books & toys
52 Ontario Street

3. Billy takes his place at the __________ alongside the girls in his ballet class!
Got It Made
27 Ontario Street

4. Billy's dad, Jackie, and his brother, Tony, work below the ground and wear one of these.
151 Ontario Street

5. Before dance lessons, Billy takes __________ lessons.
On Stage Dance Studio
172 Ontario Street

6. A professional dancer he will's his destiny.
The Pulp Fresh Bar
10 Downie Street

7. "I'm thinking the Royal Ballet for you, Billy" ~ says this woman.
La Osa Jewelry & Vintage
148 St. Patrick Street

8. __________ is the most quintessential of English drinks and is favoured by Billy's grandma.
Simply Lovely Lingerie
71 Wellington Street

9. At first, this person does not approve of Billy Elliot's funky groove!
Herald Haus Brewing Co.
21 Market Place

10. Billy feels THIS when he dances: " a fire deep inside!"
The Festival Shop
99 Downie Street

11. Billy lives in this country famous for its queen and a hot cup of tea!
the spa near the tracks
20 Cooper Street