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Rhéo Thompson Candies Annual Festive Open House

Join us as we celebrate the beginning of the holiday season at Rhéo Thompson Candies. We will be serving up seasonal treats and hot chocolate, as well, our famous chocolate fountain will be available for dipping marshmallows, cookies and fruit!

All of our holiday displays will be overflowing with the beautiful gift items, created by our designers, and join us as we indulge in a treat or two to kick off the holiday season!

Whether you’re ready to start your shopping or just browsing for ideas, we hope you’ll stop in and enjoy!

For the latest updates on the  Annual Festive Open House visit us on Facebook.  

When:  Sunday Nov. 3rd, 2019
Where: Rhéo Thompson Candies, Stratford
Cost: Free
Contact: 519-271-9610

Elizabeth Van Den Broeck Exhibition

Elizabeth Van Den Broeck, celebrating her "Creative Process" exhibition is the keeper of Huron County's most beautiful secrets: her way of telling them begins with a camera and a pair of hip waders, often traipsing through the landscape she loves while everyone else is sleeping. An entrepreneurial artist of singular focus, Elizabeth studied Fine Art at Sheridan College and Art History at the University of Toronto, before returning to Goderich to capture the simultaneous tranquility and vitality that she perceives in the landscape of Huron County. In 1992, she opened her own gallery and with her increasing commitments as a business owner, wife, mother and community leader, time spent devoted to the creation of art has been a challenge. Recently Elizabeth began to document her creative process on social media, exploring photography, encaustic, oil, acrylic, pastel and printmaking. Her commitment to beauty in the unassuming reveals a lifelong love and understanding of her homeland, as well as a skill built upon by steady practice, for which she has received many awards. (Image: Elizabeth Van Den Broeck, "Blue Pine" 2017, soft pastel on paper)

When: Open Sun., Wed. to Sat.
from Oct. 23rd to Nov. 10th, 2019
Where: Agora Gallery, Stratford
Cost: Free
Contact: 519-508-8700

Karaoke Sundays

Gemstone Entertainment presents Karaoke Party!

No cover and must be 19 years or older.

When: Sunday evening, year round
Where: Molly's Bloom Irish Pub, Stratford
Cost: Free
Contact: 519-271-2778

Open Kitchen | SCS Cooking Fundamentals | Boiling

Every week Level One students at Stratford Chefs School tackle one of the ten foundational methods of cooking. This is your opportunity to explore these cooking techniques as taught in Stratford Chefs School's renowned professional culinary program. This 4-hour, hands-on intensive class is perfect for the more advanced home cook or for anyone interested in examining a future career in the culinary arts.

Week 1: Boiling.

The series begins with boiling; a safe and simple method of cooking with a self-regulating temperature. Liquid is boiling when it is rolling vigorously, and bubbles break frequently on its surface. Water, the most widely used liquid for this method of cooking, boils at 100ºC (212ºF). In practice, there are slow, medium and fast boils. It is necessary to adjust the level of the boil to suit the food being cooked — if boiled too hard the ingredients may deteriorate; if boiled too low, foodstuffs may stick to the pot.

From pasta to risotto, stock to soup, learn 8 recipes dedicated to the method of boiling.


  • Basic Pasta Dough
  • Fettuccini Alfredo
  • Fish Stock
  • Shrimp Bisque
  • Chicken Stock
  • Chicken Consommé
  • Mushroom Stock
  • Mushroom Risotto

Safety regulations require students wear closed toe shoes when participating in any cooking class.

This class has a maximum capacity of 14 students.

Classes are for students 16 years and older.

Participants will be provided with an apron and all necessary tools and equipment.

Menus, recipes and instructors are subject to change as required.

Help us help the environment! In the off chance we make too much, please bring a container with you to help take home any leftovers. (One 1 litre container is recommended).

It is the participant's responsibility to inform Stratford Chefs School of any serious food or environmental allergies and their nature no less than 48 hours before the start of class. Stratford Chefs School is committed to accommodating people with allergies and reducing risk for all members of our school community and visitors;. However, Stratford Chefs School cannot guarantee an environment completely free of allergens. In a situation where sufficient information and notice has been given, but a severe allergy cannot be accommodated, the participant will be issued a full refund.

* All Open Kitchen classes purchased online or by credit card are subject to a 5% service fee. Our ticketing service hosted by universe.com includes this fee in the total listed price.

When:  Sunday Nov. 3rd, 2019
Where: Stratford Chefs School Kitchens, Stratford
Cost: $85/Per person + a service fee
Contact: 519-271-1414

The Neverending Story


Hiding in a closet to avoid school bullies, ten-year-old Bastian becomes immersed in a strangely compelling book: the tale of a hero’s quest to save the realm of Fantastica from the encroaching terror of the Nothing. But is Bastian just a reader of this extraordinary story – or a vital part of it?

When:  Sunday Nov. 3rd, 2019
Where: Avon Theatre
Cost: Various, please consult Stratford Festival website.
Contact: 1-800-567-1600

Revival House Classical Brunch

Your family and friends will love the SSO Sunday Brunch Concert Series. These fundraising events feature local performers in support of the Orchestra. Revival House is a unique Stratford venue offering farm fare, craft brews, wine and music in a refurbished church.

November 3 features the SSO Woodwind Quintet with Emily Hamper, piano.

When:  Sunday Nov. 3rd, 2019
Where: Revival House, Stratford
Cost: $40/General admission includes $20 tax receipt
Contact: 519-271-0990