Chef Neil Baxter's Weekend Cooking Classes


Located within the Stratford Chefs School in the heart of the city of Stratford, Ontario, enjoy a unique culinary experience in hands-on cooking under the guidance of one of our country’s most celebrated chefs, Neil Baxter. Neil has been teaching cooking classes for 33 years at the now closed Rundles Restaurant and is currently a senior instructor at the Stratford Chefs School.

Chef Baxter’s character is contagious, and while his classes always welcome new members, an overwhelming number are return guests, some of whom have not missed a year since classes began.

Chef Neil’s weekend cooking classes are aimed to be of interest to individuals, or small groups, at all skill levels. We aim to teach new ingredients and techniques in food and wine. 


“Chef Baxter welcomes you to his kitchen, and his ridiculously high standards. He guides your preparation and execution of his exceptional menu, and then he graciously lets you pay for it. His class is an inspiration and one of the highlights of my year.” -Colm Feore

Photo of tortellini with white asparagus by David Cooper.



Cost: $555/Per person (CAD) plus HST

When: Mar. 27th until Mar. 29th, 2020
Where: Stratford Chefs School Kitchens, Stratford, 136 Ontario Street MAP
Contact: 226-766-1230