Witch Hunts: From Salem to Now

Arthur Miller’s The Crucible dramatizes the most notorious of all mass trials for witchcraft. The play was inspired by Miller’s own experiences at the hands of the House Un-American Activities Committee, and “witch-hunt” has become shorthand for organized persecution, real or imagined. Our panel discusses the phenomenon and what it may tell us about mob rule and misogyny. The Panellists include: Amy Lawrence, Professor of Film and Media Studies and Professor of Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College and Nancy Rhoden, Associate Professor, Department of History, Western University. The Moderator is Robert Cushman, writer and journalist.

Cost: Various, please consult Stratford Festival website.

When: Wednesday Sep. 4th, 2019
Where: Avon Theatre, 99 Downie St, Stratford, ON N5A 1X2 MAP
Contact: 1-800-567-1600