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Enjoy fresh, savoury "first of the season" flavours at home with Chef Instructor: Eli Silverthorne

This vegetarian meal kit is packed to the brim with vibrant colour and “first of the season” fresh flavours. You can learn the fundamentals of making vivid green cool cucumber gazpacho, house cultured creams, form pasta and how to use a smoker - all that Chef Eli did in his prep - or you can simply finish and plate with our video tutorial to guide you.

For dessert you put the finishing touches on the quintessential vol au vent puff pastry tart - without spending hours making it from scratch. Our Video tutorial will show you how if you want to learn. It's the best of both worlds! Bon Appetit!

UMAMI VEGETARIAN MEAL KIT includes all pre-measured and prepped components to make the following:

Cucumber Gazpacho

Umami* Tortellini in smoked Carrot broth with Hazelnut "picada"

Arugula Salad

Blueberry Vol au Vent puff Pastry Tart


Serve chilled Gazpacho

Boil Pasta

Reheat and serve in broth

Garnish with hazelnuts

Dress Arugula salad

Whip Chantilly Cream

Fill tarts with Chantilly & berries

(*umami is a “savoury” flavour profile often associated with meats, but actually traces it’s origins to glutamates found in both meat and vegetables such as seaweed, mushrooms, tomatoes)

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Cost: $32 per person ($30.48 + 5% service fee)

When: Saturday Aug. 8th, 2020
Where: Stratford Chefs School Kitchens, Stratford, 136 Ontario Street MAP
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