The Music Man Scavenger Hunt

Find 10 of 15 The Music Man inspired props in the businesses of downtown Stratford for a chance to win Gift Certificates to spend in the Stratford City Centre.


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1. River City's Town Sheriff is Constable Locke and he wears this upon his shirt
LOCATION: The Wee Little Book & Photo Shop, 15 York Street

2. All the salesman sing "Rock Island" as they cruise into River City on this... (hint: chugga chugga choo choo)
LOCATION: The Dressing Room, 20 Ontario Street

3. Young Amaryllis practices hard and uses these to help her play piano like a star. LOCATION: Fundamentals books & toys, 52 Ontario Street

4. On top of his head this hat does sit; black, red and gold, it completes the Drum Major kit.
LOCATION: Boomers Gourmet Fries, 26 Erie Street

5. "Seventy-six ___________ led the big parade, with a hundred and ten cornets close at hand."
LOCATION: MacLeods Scottish Shop, 80 Ontario Street

6. Filled with yummy food and drink, grab a blanket and the basket but not the kitchen sink!
LOCATION: Harmony by Earthwinds, 110 Ontario Street

7. All the folks of Iowa read this every day, to keep in touch with the news of home and the news away.
LOCATION: The Turquoise Mirror, 56 Nile Street

8. Rectangle in shape and four inches wide, Harold rarely is seen without this by his side.
LOCATION: Blowes Stationery, 34 Wellington Street

9. Pick these up and have some fun when you march along and play your drum!
LOCATION: Ensurco, 68 Wellington Street

10. Punchy, fun and truly laughable, these comic books are featured in the song 'Ya Got Trouble!'
LOCATION: Soup Surreal, 98 Wellington Street

11. A Drum Major is a band leader who keeps the rhythm with the use of a...
LOCATION: Juiced Up, 155 Erie Street, Unit 6

12. A watch on a chain, carried in the pocket of the jacket or vest of the Mayor and The Quartet.
LOCATION: Covet - The Community Closet, 166 Downie Street

13. "Click-clack" is the sound of Marian as she types on this machine for her job as librarian.
LOCATION: The Barkery: The Healthy Bakery for Dogs, 4 George Street West

14. "Clop, clop, clop" arrive the horses into town; pulling treasures and instruments, this wagon is renown.
LOCATION: Stratford Festival Shop, 100 Downie Street

15. "Marian the Librarian" proudly files these just right; some down low and some at a great height.
LOCATION: revel, 37 Market Place