Treasure Island Scavenger Hunt

Find 10 out of 14 Treasures in the Businesses of Downtown Stratford for a chance to win gift certificates to spend in the Stratford City Centre - drawn weekly in July and August!

Fill in the paper ballot and drop it off at Stratford Tourism, 47 Downie Street or fill out the on-line entry.


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1. Long John Silver's very best mate, happens to have feathers, is green and first rate!

JENN and Larry's Brittles n' Shakes and Ice Cream Cake

2. "All aboard ye' mateys, let's journey across the sea: To get to Treasure Island we'll travel aboard thee!"

Family & Company

3. Shiver me timbers, 'tis that a Treasure Map? If that thar be not an "X," I will eat my cap!

Ten Thousand Villages

4. Round and tippy, but this small vessel floats Jim rides the waves and boards the big boat.

Fundamentals Books & Toys

5. Fifteen men on a dead man's chest, Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of _ _ _.

The Milky Whey

6. Jim opens Billy Bones' sea chest; what he finds inside, can you guess?

Sinclair Pharmacy

7. Pointy and sharp, and held by a handle, these weapons for battle can sure help you in a tangle!

Blowes Travel

8. First friend, then foe, this one-legged pirate's name is...not Joe!

Ensurco Insurance

9. Pirates are always on the hunt for these; shiny and round, they are worth the journeys!

Soup Surreal

10. Flying black against the sky, it's a telltale sign a pirate's gone by.

Tiffany's Tattoos

11. Dig and dig, and dig some more; when you find this your spirits will soar!


12. Long John lost this in a dual; he cannot stand without this tool.

Bard's Steakhouse

13. No pirate will get wet with this upon his head.

Stratford Festival Shop

14. Nice and steady...drop 'er over the side, so at night, we don't go for a surprise ride.

Covet - The Community Closet